Investment Management

GoVenture Capital Group, LLC executes value-added and opportunistic investment strategies that are designed to minimize risk and enhance overall value for investors. GoVenture focuses on maximizing risk-adjusted returns by targeting high quality, well-located assets with intrinsic long-term value.

Our goal is to generate stable and growing distributions for our investors. In pursuing investment opportunities, we rely on the knowledge and expertise of our team, along with the assistance of third-party advisors such as accountants, lawyers, and other professionals to conduct thorough review processes.

GVC has a measured and disciplined approach to investment decision making, which takes into consideration current and future market conditions and trends.

Acquisitions & Development

GoVenture Capital Group, LLC seeks opportunities to acquire assets that have the potential to generate long term returns for stakeholders. The GoVenture team prides itself on having the foresight and vision on identifying assets that have potential in a way that our competitors don’t.

GVC actively pursues opportunities to purchase raw land, existing buildings, and new buildings. There is no property that we will not pursue, as we have the capabilities to tackle significant structural, environmental, and zoning challenges. We also conduct a thorough due diligence process to inspect all aspects of a property to ensure there are no significant risks that cannot be mitigated.

The GoVenture team has collectively managed the development of over $450 million in assets. We leverage our long-standing relationships to continue to generate attractive investment opportunities that have a positive impact on communities in which we live and work.


GoVenture Capital Group, LLC realizes that a strong focus on sustainability is critical to the success of our company and the future of our environment. The GoVenture team started off as a renewable energy development company managing the development, project finance, and construction of large-scale ground mount solar arrays and energy storage systems. The GoVenture team knows first-hand the impact sustainable development practices have, not only on our environment but the direct impact it has on the communities we live and work.

GVC is committed to finding cost-effective ways to introduce the latest renewable energy technologies to our investments.

Property Management

GVC owns and operates many of our own assets. The GoVenture team establishes an extensive plan right from the beginning of the development process that incorporates features that will provide a more efficient way of living for tenants and an easier job for our maintenance teams.

Our philosophy aims to maximize revenue, increase occupancy, and to build relationships with residents and the surrounding community.

GoVenture Capital Group, LLC (“GVC”) is an owner, manager, and developer of premier residential and commercial real estate. GoVenture targets opportunities that offer intrinsic long-term value. We focus on acquiring assets that can generate attractive risk-adjusted returns and stabilized cash flows.

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